To get the FULL effects of our dry shampoo/Volumizer, check out this quick video how-to from Mahalodotcom


But what IS Dry Shampoo?

Dry Shampoo is a product that comes typically in a powder form. You work it into hair at the scalp to absorb oils from the scalp and hair to extend the life of your haircolor. Also to use less water, shampoo/conditioner products and it's great when you have no time to wash your hair and blowdry!

Our Dry Shampoo is not meant to completely replace shampooing or cleanliness. Because we all know "cleanliness is next to Godliness"! It's purpose is to be a tool for you to become more economical about your bold hair and amount of product usage. Our Dry Shampoo is not meant to be the exact color of your hair-the powders are meant to absorb oil and blend with your individual color more easily, add texture and volume, than any old, plain dry shampoo. YAWN!

Here's a great how-to from WikiHow:


You can either

1) use the night before and work through hair to wake up with softer, cleaner looking and feeling hair

or the day of...

2) use a fluffy and dense cosmetic brush to directly apply to the parted sections of your hair and work in with fingertips

3) puff a small amount into hands, and work into scalp

TIP: If you are REALLY feeling oily, pat powder onto parted sections of hair and leave on for a few minutes, not yet worked into hair. Let the powder absorb the oil a bit. After a few minutes, flip head and really work in with hands vigorously or brush well


Pastela products are not intended for consumption. Please do not eat them or let your child or pet eat them either.

They are not for interal use at all. Avoid your eyes, nose and mouth and any other holes you may have. These products are for your hair.

Do not snort, huff or inhale this powder. It's for your hair- did we mention that yet?

These products are meant to be used by adults. We can't speak for your maturity level but be sure that if you purchase and plan on using our products, that you do so in the intended manner. ONLY use as directed and no other way.

Stay safe and keep rockin' with us!

MORE cool ways to use our products:

Dry Shampoo:

1) Use it as a volumizer! Add a lot of volume by working the product really well into the roots of hair and scalp. This helps give you BIG-BAD volume and sexy hair!

2) Use it pre-updo. Know how stylists always say "don't wash your hair before your updo"?. It's a bummer. But the bright side is that Pastela's Dry Shampoo not only will help with "the greasies" from day old hair, but it will add mad texture and awesome volume to your hair for the perfect updo!

3) Since our Dry Shampoos are colored, they help to hide roots and gray hair a little! They won't replace a fresh color job, but they help blur the effect of stark lines of regrowth and roots needing a touchup.

4) Your such a tease! Before you get to backcombing, use the dry shampoo in each section to add texture and pump up the volume!

5) Do your bobby pins and barrettes always slide out? Use the powder with the pins to help give them more holding power! 

6) Greasy forehead? Yeah, we have all been there! Keep our perfectly sized dry shampoo with you on the go to tousle through greasy bangs to keep them fresh and "just styled" looking throughout the day.

7) Take it along on camping trips, to concerts, hiking, the beach, you name it! Anywhere you might be at the mercy of the elements and without a shower! It's the perfect size to tote along!

8) Make hair look FULLER and THICKER! Use a tight bristled, slender cosmetic brush to apply to the scalp, blend slightly and your hair immediately appears thicker! Less visible scalp=thicker looking locks!