Shipping, Returns, Low prices & more:

We love you for rocking with us. We totally dig your hair and we appreciate your patience. Thank you for understanding how specialty, handmade products take a little longer to create for you.

Much gratitude for knowing that each handmade, small batch takes time, care and precision. That carefully creating, packaging and sending it to you, takes a bit longer than running to grab something from the store around the corner.

Did we mention how cool you are? Well, you are. You are one of those cool people who knows that asking questions and reading things thoroughly before clicking that "BUY" button, is super important. It's really neat that you read the ingredients to make sure you have no allergies or sensitivities to anything.

Thank you for being you. For not being afraid to reach out to us with shipping or formulation questions before you purchase. Bold move doing your research, but you are fully prepared to rock some Pastela Hair products now.

And we know you totally get that we make small batches, by hand to keep costs low, so as to not waste and maybe because we don't offer returns at this time. This way if you aren't totally in love (which you totally will be), you won't have spent your life savings.

Did we Thank you?